© Rolf Schöllkopf (4 PERSONEN, dress rehearsal, Weserburg l Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen, 2015)


Selection of current KLANK action



In September 2015 KLANK went on a tour with the British vocalist Phil Minton. The bilateral concert series THE FRENCH KONNEKTION (together with the Institut français de Brême) was continued in early June 2016 

by three concerts with the french clarinetist and vocalist Isabelle Duthoit. In former editions of THE FRENCH KONNEKTION Yoann Durant (saxophone), Pascal Battus (guitar, sound objects), Bertrand Denzler (saxophone) and Lê Quan Ninh (percussion) were invited as guests.

In the concert series with/con/avec KLANK met already outstanding musicians of improvised music like Sarah Maria Sun, Liz Allbee and many others.  



Premieres of 4 pieces of music were performed at the concert 4 PERSONEN in autumn 2015 in Bremen. The composers Eckhart Beinke, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Matthias Kaul and Anton Vasilyev had been invited to write new pieces for KLANK. The program was completely recorded and broadcast by Radio Bremen and repeated several times.

The composition SINSHOME, or: The greatest force. An oratorio by Christoph Ogiermann was performed at the opening concert of the ECLAT Festival, Stuttgart together with the vocal ensemble Sinsheim (Commissioned by Music of the Centuries and the Winfried Böhler Foundation)



In summer 2015 KLANK worked together with choir and brass ensemble to continue the long-term project POPULATIONS with changing IDENTITIES. 

For LANGE NACHT DER MUSIK, an annual festival in Bremen and Oldenburg organized by klangpol – Netzwerk Neue Musik Nordwest a cartload of pieces, concepts and musical-performative situations have been created and realized since 2013 in cooperation with various solo and ensemble guests. 



KLANK is invited to participate in workshops of national and international music academies, recently in Freiburg, Hildesheim, Stuttgart and Lucerne.



Since 2018 KLANK is not only KLANK. KLANK is also ANKK L. Driven by the whish to play also as a post-industrial band, KLANK just did and does it: playing harsh rhytmical, noisy but still improvised band-music. People were even seen dancing with great enthusiasm during the concerts!



With the concert triptych FOURTH NATURE an aesthetic exploration of the boundaries of contemporary science was realized. Three pieces were created in cooperation with the 3 museums on Bremen's ‘cultural mile’ (Kunsthalle Bremen, Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus). There were very different approaches: from dealing with mouth parts to manipulating cassette recorders with closed circuits to dealing with approaches of swarm intelligence that were confronted with their own recordings. 



With the concert series JOUR FIXE KLANK is continually working with the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus in Bremen. Certain guests of different fields of music and society meet in this special concert format to talk about actual themes in connection to improvisatorial practices.



Finally KLANK does what KLANK is doing since 2008: 

Concerts with highly visible and present music based on free improvisation and musical concept work.