KLANK is a music/performance ensemble based in Bremen, Germany. Founded by improvisers Reinhart Hammerschmidt and Hainer Wörmann, sound-performer Tim Schomacker and composer/instrumentalist Christoph Ogiermann in 2008, KLANK's sonic universe combines various musical experiences, influences and approaches.

KLANK soon found common ground in both, the complex and dense logic of the interaction in playing improvised music and in researching the musical potential of various materials from everyday life. Be it kitchen utensils, office equipment, children's toys or tools from whatever workplace - KLANK is able and willing to declare almost everything a musical instrument to expand the range of its sonic creations.

KLANK immediately realized that it's music doesn't just sound - but that it "looks like", also. So the quartet started to focus on performative and site-specific concepts, establishing a unique brand of Klang-Aktionen (music-based performances) involving the use of body, voice, video and various theatrical elements.


In 2013 KLANK's first official (and self-titled) CD was released by the Cologne-based label aufabwegen>

KLANK-WORK can be divided into four subgroups:

A The achievement and realization of pieces and performances for improvising quartet, ranging from sound-centred improvisations to funny performance pieces to compositions touching on established formats of classical or contemporary music. An example for the latter is the ongoing development of a Cardboard Quartet.

B The composition and realization of workshops with and pieces for larger ensembles of musicians and non-musicians of different age and experience. As part of a continuous collaboration with a primary school in Bremen KLANK in 2009 developed GROSSES LERNEN for pupils, brass ensemble and various other (non-)musicians, a 90-minute piece based on ideas from The Great Learning by british composer Cornelius Cardew. In 2010 KLANK presented the open air-spectacle StadtKLANK for and with 450 musicians from 20 semi-professional ensembles in the old town of the city of Waiblingen near Stuttgart. This piece was commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte's zukunftsmusik-Festival. In collaboration with film maker Jan van Hasselt KLANK in 2013 produced its first movie : UND BEFREIEN SIE VON WAS.

C Site- and occasion-specific performances in collaboration with churches, museums etcetera. These pieces deal not only with the specific sonic qualities (and contexts) of the spaces KLANK performs in but also with unique musical approaches to the situations, art or materials presented at the respective places.

D Collaborations with other musicians or artists working in other fields like poets, painters, sound and video artists. Among others KLANK has performed with saxophonists Yoann Durant (Paris) and Lars Scherzberg (Hamburg) as well as british sound artist Ben Gwilliam. In winter 2011 KLANK started The French Konnektion, a collaborative effort with the Institut francais of Bremen, presenting keyfigures of the French improv-scene in concerts and school-workshops in Germany and France. The first editions of this programme featured Yoann Durant and soundperformer Pascal Battus. In December 2013 THE FRENCH KONNEKTION continued with a 6-gig-tour featuring saxophonist Bertrand Denzler. French percussionist Lê Quan Ninh will be KLANK's partner in instant composition in 2015. In October 2011 KLANK presented ANUNDFUERSICH, a collaboration with the painter and video artist Dina Koper (Commissioned by klangpol's aus-gezeichnet-Festival in Oldenburg). Autumn 2014 will see the premiers of four exclusive pieces of music by four very different composers as part of the 4 PERSONEN commission programme.



Reinhart Hammerschmidt - double bass, stuff

Markus Markowski - electric guitar, stuff

Christoph Ogierman - violin, voice, stuff

Tim Schomacker - everyday percussion, voice, stuff

Hainer Wörmann - electric guitar, stuff


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